Education problem astrology

Education problem astrology

2nd, 4th, 5th and 9th houses are examined for the education.

Being an educated, is a good feeling and all of us want to have good education in respective age but unfortunately, there are some people who could not get desired education or up to expected standard. But in many cases, in spite of getting admitted in reputed schools, students are failure to complete their education. Our planets decide our education level and our education field if these are good then we would be highly educated and if planetary position is not good, we have to face lot of problems in education. So have some astrological remedies to overcome such education problems.

Every planet relates to specific area of education as moon represents our mental strength, mercury represents intelligence, and Jupiter is signification for knowledge and mars is related with research. In the same houses are also connect with their specific result such as for education first and second house tells us about the efforts of the individual and benefits of the education respectively. Fourth house tells us about regularity in school or college. Fifth house is concerned with higher education, intelligence, understanding, learning capacity and research.

Our success at interview, fulfilment of desires, qualification and overall success in life can be calculated by our horoscope. Each planet is concerned with its education field as:

Mars, Sun:     Doctor, Nursing

Mars Sun Mer :   Para Medical

Moon Mercury Jupiter: Doctor

Mercury Mars:  MBA

Sun Mars Mercury: Engineering

Mercury Venus:  Painting, Music, Fashion

Mercury Venus Jupiter:  Architect/ Engineering

Mars Jupiter Mercury:  Advocate, Judge

Mars mercury: Business Management

Saturn  Venus: Petroleum

Jupiter Mercury Mars:  Post & Telegraph

Jupiter Mercury: Teacher

Sun Mars Saturn Jupiter: IAS Officer

Sun Jupiter: Chairman

Mars Saturn Venus: Barbar

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